When I first made the decision that I wanted to become a personal image branding specialist, immediately I sat down and started picking out my pretty color palette for IG. Hey, I know I am not the only one! Next, I jumped into services and I remember fretting over how much to charge. Here I am gaining experience as I grow and immediately I am worried about packages.

Thank goodness for growth and amazing women like Tanya from Massive Branding who reeled my craziness in and started building a strategy to increase my visibility and gain experience WHILE offering services to help Tia Blackwell Beauty grow.

So, what was I doing wrong? I have jotted down 10 things I was doing, and if you are honest with yourself, you are probably doing too that will keep us further and further away from our Dream Client, or as I call her my dream girl.

1. You have not determined WHO your dream client is

How can you reach someone you don’t know? You have to determine who your dream market is and I know you have heard this over and over again, but it’s because its IMPORTANT beautiful! You need to know who you are talking to, who you are trying to resonate with, who you are seeking to HELP! Don’t know to discover your dream client? Begin with asking yourself who am I trying to help and HOW can I help her?


2. You haven’t shown consistency

Ever ran into someone in the grocery store and the first thing they say is “Girl, where have you been?” That is how we sometimes feel about your social media appearances. How you can be proof of your product and services if you only show up when you feel like it? Now I am not saying to just throw randomness online to “show up” but quality post, quality engagement, is VITAL! Even if you don’t have an online business, every business has an online presence. Not sure if where to start showing up to? Where do you enjoy spending your time? That is where I suggest you start.


3. You are waiting for perfect “time” to show up

There is no such time as the perfect time. Something is always bound to come up. Life is bound to happen, so while you are waiting on the perfect time or opportunity to come, your dream client is either working thru the struggle that you could fix on their own and will eventually be confident enough that they have the answers OR someone else has made your dream girl theirs!


4. You are hiding behind the wall of fear

Are you scared to fail? Who isn’t? I know that when I first started out as a makeup artist that I was horrified that my clients wouldn’t like their makeup. However, once you realize that greatness comes when you bust thru the wall of fear, you still get scared, but you push yourself to move thru it. Nothing great comes from allowing life to pass you by because you are too scared to move. Sure, you may fail but that is when you use that opportunity as a lesson. Learn from it and move forward. Fail Forward!


5. Your “To Do” list keeps growing and growing but you never take action

At this very moment how long is your To-Do list? How many of those have been on your list for over a week? What have you done TODAY to clear some of those items off your list? Are you a constant list builder but hardly ever complete anything? That is a form of procrastination my dear. You are continuing to move with a destination of nowhere because you aren’t doing anything. The lack of progression is fatal to your massive brand. You aren’t building, you are contemplating building.


6. You blend in with the crowd

Are you just “another coach”? Just “another wellness coach”? Just “another” this or that? By not ensuring that YOU and your brand are unique, bold, and confident you have blended in with the crowd. My beautiful soul, you were meant to stick out! You were meant to be bold and confident in your brand! You were not made to blend, so be confident in that. It doesn’t matter if there are a million specialists doing what you are doing, none of them are you! None of them can offer your dream client what you can the way you can! There is only one YOU!


7. You are passive

A confident person attracts without ever speaking a word. It’s something about their persona when they walk into a room. I know you have come across a person like that. They give this aura that they go after what they want with passion and drive, never settling for “NO”. This has to be you. You need to be a shark in this entrepreneur world or else you will get swallowed up! Never asking for the sale, never sharing your business, never confidently and boldly sharing with the world what you do, will not help you build the empire that you are working so hard to build.


8. She has no idea you even take clients

This ties so closely to being passive about your brand. Do people even know you are accepting clients or are you always sharing testimonials and expecting them to come to you? As a former wellness coach, I hardly ever had clients come to me! They would cheer me on, wish they could do what I was doing and love to be a part of a group that I was leading but they didn’t ask to join until I invited! You have to share not only what you are doing but invite others to participate in what you are doing, its vital that you invite.


9. What do you do again?

Are you clearly sharing what you are doing? Can we check your social media, remember even brick and mortars have a social media presence these days, and be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that you do? Or is your business page full of drama, blurry images, random thoughts and repost of celebrity fluff? Several times a week you should be sharing EXACTLY what it is that you do. You should be ensuring that you are sharing what you do, how you add value, why you are building your brand, how it can help someone and why people need to book with you!


10. You aren’t coming from a place of service, you are leading with a money-based mindset

Everything that I have listed is important but you remember that whole save the best for last saying, that is exactly what I have done here. This reason isn’t about confidence, strategy, social media, etc. it’s about you and your heart. It’s about why you started your brand in the first place. Are you coming from a heart of service or are you solely looking to become profitable? When you lead what with “what can I do for you” instead of “how is this going to benefit me” you will find that your cup is consistently on overflow. People are drawn to a cheerful giver. So, take a moment and if you don’t do anything else that I have written about, please stop and evaluate this because a shift here could be monumental for your business.


Your dream client will change as you and your business grow. These are just some reasons that you may not be seeing her around your way. She is out there and she is waiting for you to speak to her heart and soul. She is ready to make the change that you are giving her. You just have to be present, be visible and be giving. She will find you!




Guest Blog by

Tia Blackwell