So… Marketing Major turned college dropout.

Multi Million Dollar Corporate Executive turned Serial Entrepreneur.

That’s me in a little nutshell.



They say you can’t have it all. I’m calling BS on that. They also told us money doesn’t buy happiness. I’m writing a book JUST to disprove that claim, too. 

Oh, hey! I’m Tanya and I’m not always this sassy. {insert cute little angel emoji here}

I’m a Millennial Entrepreneur.  Marketing Nerd. Aspiring Fashionista. Proud member of the I Love Shiplap Fanclub of Joanna Gaines all while repping for the Beyhive. 🐝🍋 Seriously. Formation is literally my theme song. Did you even see my shirt?!

I’m completely obsessed with and have made it my life’s work to activate self-esteem in women. We do that together by activating her Massive Brand, and building wealth to make that side hustle the main hustle. 

I remember reading a statistic that 35% of all millennials have a side hustle and it angered me. At this point, I was at the height on my management career, managing an 8 figure business, and the people around me were living paycheck to paycheck, working long hours, barely having time for themselves, and I was done being apart of it. Now I had spent years side hustling {OG Side Hustler here! 🙋🏾 } because it was an obsession. But I knew that if I really wanted to help others, I had to be the example.

I took Massive (get it?!) action and had a $20K month with my relaunch and it’s been an amazing ride ever since! 

Flash forward over a year later and my “secure” job was swiped from underneath me and I THANK God daily that I built a business that had already surpassed that income. And now it is my mission to teach other women to do the same.


If you’re anything like my clients, you’ve been doing what appears to be the right behaviors, yet you’re still stuck. You’re posting in FB groups – only to hear crickets, watching live stream and webinars, and downloading freebies and you’re still in the same position as before.  

And if you’re like most, you’re balancing your career and side hustle, spending countless hours working, and you’re just not getting ahead.

Your family is waiting for that breakthrough, you’re tired and overworked, and wondering if this biz is ever going to take off.

I’m here to tell you, from personal experience and even my client’s experiences, there is most definitely a way to achieve the success you desire! 

Tanya Watkins, Advocate against Domestic Violence. Brand Strategist. Monetization Strategist. Podcaster. Speaker. Published Author. Professional Shmoney Maker. 

I know the struggle to grow a business online. I’ve mastered selling, building relationships, and even a loyal tribe online who are able to:

  • Master their mindset while activating their self-esteem and visibility, attract people who are aligned with their vision, and be willing to invest in their amazing services and products.
  • Work their biz and not just ON their biz; creating systems that promote profitability, increase productivity through better time management, and grow income, not just knowledge. Because let’s face it, knowledge is only power if it’s applied.
  • Make their side hustle their main hustle. Does this need an explanation? My clients replace their 9-5 income with their businesses. 

Because once you create a client attractive Brand, with transformational products and services, and understand how to showcase your talents in ALL of their glory and badassery, who wouldn’t want to work with you?

When you work with me, you’ll have access to all of the tools and resources that I share with my team to succeed in online marketing and scaling your business to drive more revenue.


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