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So who am I, and why am I more than equipped to elevate your Brand?

Tanya, High Ticket Monetization Coach... As well as a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Course Creator, Podcast Host, and Advocate Against Domestic Violence.

I've taken over 17 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, more than $120+ million dollars in revenue for Fortune 250 businesses, coupled with OVER $80,000 worth of schooling/training/coaching, and over 30,000 HOURS of coaching to be able to teach you how to build your Massive Brand.

I work solely with women who ready to scale quickly to multiple six-figures in a smart & savvy, yet modern way.

At Massive Brand Consulting, we know we're successful when our clients supersede their corporate salaries and build businesses that easily drive multiple 5 figures in sales each month selling high ticket signature programs.

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"Tanya Watkins knows branding! Since working with Tanya my business went from a dream to a REALITY.

My goal was to sign one VIP client during our program and I ended up signing up FOUR ideal VIP clients. Suddenly I have daily requests to be my friend on Facebook, expanding my reach daily."

"Tanya is the definition of LadyBossPreneur. She was instrumental in the success of the first 7-day challenge that I hosted. I took her advice and I filled my 8-week program!

If you want a little Beyonce and a whole lotta savvy branding and marketing strategy, she’s your woman."
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