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Chanelle Built a Multi Six-Figure Business

Last Year I came across Tanya Rivera-Falcone in a fb group. I reached out, connected with her and invested in a digital offer shortly after.

💃🏾By March I joined Massive Brand Academy.


👑Quadrupled my income in 60 Days

👑Landed my first 4 figure client

👑 Spent my birthday in Jamaica sipping Mimosas in the Morning (while making money in my sleep)

👑 Huge breakthroughs in mindset, limiting beliefs and vision. (I was previously stuck in past disappointments from previous business decisions)

👑 Thrived through a unexpected termination from my “good full time job”

👑 Attracting Dream Clients with Daily Passive Profits and reccuring revenue

👑 Exceeded my Money goal several times while on “vacation” with my family in Philadelphia

👑 Make money in my sleep most days, Business Income covering living expenses. …. so I made my side hustle my main hustle

👑Update: Now I am consistently earning 10k+ monthly and I am totally free from a 9-5

“I say it often and I’ll say it again, Tanya is the MONETIZATION QUEEN! She has an incredible grasp on pricing, strategic business strategies for selling in an authentic way that is in line with your brand. If you have been discounting your services you need to be working with her like yesterday!”

Speaking Coach, Erica J.

If you haven’t worked with Tanya Rivera-Falcone then you simply aren’t ready to make money!!! She made me quadruple my prices and make a bomb a** sales funnel!!! I’ve hired employees and made the biggest sale of my life after working with her!!! BAM! Are you ready to make this cheddar or what?!

Investment Strategist, Shawntia L.

Tanya’s expertise in all things marketing saved our butts in our last campaign. She straightened out our technical overwhelm and opened me up to a brand new world of possibilities.

If you get a chance to work with Tanya….Do It!

Jacqui, Mindset Expert

Tanya is a lady biz powerhouse!

She’s not afraid to step out into action, helping you to get things moving to MAKE it happen.

I think that comes from her confidence in driving the sales, and collaborating on ways to help you deliver to your audience with authority and confidence.

I’m always impressed with her lady boss skills from both a corporate and entrepreneurial standpoint-she finds the way between those two places to get you to where you want to be in your business.


Melissa A., massage Expert

Tanya is the definition of LadyBossPreneur. She’s super smart and exudes a confidence– with the corporate business chops to back it up–that leaves me reflecting on how I can do better in my own business.

She was instrumental in the success of the first 7-day challenge that I hosted.

I wasn’t sure how to convey the value of my offer and didn’t know the best way to approach my pitch.

I took her advice and I filled my 8-week program! If you want a little Beyonce and a whole lotta savvy branding and marketing strategy, she’s your woman.


Simone c.,Abundance Mindset Mentor

I really enjoyed working with Tanya.

She really gets what female entrepreneurs need to get to the core of their personal brand.

I learned so much about myself and brand while working with her. Together, we created a strategic marketing plan and fine-tuned the service packages for my business.

This was a great investment and is paying off with more visibility and ideal clients!! 



Tanya Watkins knows branding!

Since working with Tanya my business went from a dream to a REALITY. Her social media/branding knowledge is bang on. Her encouragement is invaluable. I quickly grew my following from nothing with more following every day.

My goal was to sign one VIP client during our program and I ended up signing up FOUR ideal VIP clients. Suddenly I have daily requests to be my friend on Facebook, expanding my reach daily. Thank you Tanya for all your encouragement and support..


penny n., empowerment coach

I worked with Tanya Watkins during a program ran by her and two other amazing ladies.

I didn’t understand how important it was to have useful social media hacks under my belt that will help boost my visibility in the online community especially if you’re running an online business until I met Tanya!

Tanya gave me the map I needed to navigate my way through social media staying true to my brand but keeping the important strategies in place to get noticed.

She is amazing, I love her 💗



Tanya, High Ticket Monetizaton Coach.
I’ve taken over 17 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, more than 120+ million dollars in revenue for Fortune 250 businesses, coupled with $100,000 worth of schooling/training/coaching, and over 30,000 HOURS of coaching to be able to teach you how to build your Massive Brand. 

I work solely with ladies and small business owners who are obsessed with packaging their greatness and monetizing their hustle by building a Brand that stands out and using their voice and talents to create a massive impact!

Are you Ready To Activate Your Massive Brand?

Apply to Work with Tanya:

This session is specifically designed for women who are looking to dramatically shift their business. They come to the call ready to both take action and invest. Together we are going walk through how you can create, market and sell high ticket programs. If you’re booking a call here, it is because you’re either looking to finally replace your corporate 9-5 income and/or break into multiple 5 figure months.