Today I'm hoping is the day that business owners who operate SOLELY on Facebook and Instagram will not win long-term.

The little posts that I was able to view today was a mixture of people calling it quits for the day or scrambling to figure out what to do to still drive sales. A large majority of these women barely had email lists, a dusty website that hadn't been updated in ages, and a non-existent list of potential leads to reach out to you.

If you fall into that category, I apologize if what I've said thus far, or what I'm about to say offends you. 

You will never be able to scale if ALL you do is post on social media all day. 

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There has to be a strategy that you implement that LEVERAGES the power of social media without putting all of your eggs in that ONE basket.

I wrote a list TWO YEARS ago of what you need to do when there's social media glitches and other unfortunate events, that I will share below, but first, I want to walk you through what steps you need to take to continuously have a flow of TRAFFIC, LEADS, & CLIENTS. 

Below is the 5 steps to your sales cycle. Your homework is to make sure that each of these steps in your business includes your own digital assets. It's vital to make sure your traffic can go from awareness to loyalty without having to rely on Mark Z.  

While everyone's crying about Facebook servers being down here's a list of things you could have done and should do next time this happens. Yes, it will happen again!

So here's your to-do list:

  • Create Content
  •  Blog Posts
  •  Video Content
  • Freebie for new funnel
  • Send an email newsletter

For funnel building, I highly recommend ClickFunnels. They have a ton of templates to use and several free trainings on how to build with ease. If you want to check out their 14-day trial, click here.

For list building, one of the best softwares is ConvertKit. Between their tag feature and savvy automation, it's an amazing software to scale your list. If you're in the market for an email marketing software, and you understand the importance of growing your list, you can get started here.

  •  Goal Setting and Journaling. 

When was the last time you took a look at your revenue goals and percentage to goal and last year's sales? Earlier this month, I was beating myself up about sales for March when I realized that for the month of February, I had increased my revenue by over 1400% compared to February 2018! You need to be doing that kind of math as well!

  • Watch that webinar replay that's sitting in your inbox untouched.
  • Follow up with your tribe! 
  • Old Clients
  • Existing Clients
  • Potential Clients

Additionally, you can..

  • Figure out how to implement the strategy you learned from the webinar
  • Get on the phone with your mastermind sisters and plan for epic stuff 
  • Book some calls and make some money
  • Pitch your business to a few media outlets
  • Clean your office space
  •  Read a book and elevate yourself so you can elevate your brand, thus elevating your clients 
  • Analyze your business. How many leads did you collect this month? Who converted? Where did your traffic come from? Etc.
  • Work out an OFFLINE strategy so that when this happens again, you aren't assed out.

It doesn’t make business sense to let Facebook have that much control over your company. Our staff and customers deserve more than that.

Learn more about building out your customer journey in today's podcast episode! 

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