Ep 41: In this episode, Tanya is sharing with you some simple metrics and ways to gauge the health of your coaching business. Want to drive more leads, sales, and retain clients longer? Then this is a must listen episode!

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About the host:

Tanya Rivera-Falcone is a High Ticket Monetization Coach & Brand Expert, Speaker, and Author for passionate Massive Brand Bosses looking to create, market and sell high ticket programming using simple marketing strategies online.

With over 18 years of experience in corporate sales and marketing, she has built a highly successful business activating self-esteem in women to become boldly confident, creating Brands with high-end, yet transformational services and high performance teams. The result is the creation of thought-leading voices to disrupt the marketplace while creating a massive impact on their communities. Tanya specifically specializes in personal branding, core messaging, client attraction, as well as high ticket offer creation and monetization strategies that include sales funnel implementation and automation.


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