It’s no secret that Beyonce is a beast at what she does. An absolute amazing artist and performer. But what actually intrigues me the most is her ability to build a Brand that has created a community of followers that are loyal beyond reason.

As a marketer and strategist, I love to analyze the success of celebrities and understand how to make their strategies translatable for an online biz strategists and marketers. Beyonce has made a name for herself and it goes way beyond the music. She’s a Global Brand, with millions of followers, a boldly confident attitude, or shall we say “fierce” attitude, and she ain’t sorry.

So let’s dissect JUST 3 things that you can do to slay your Brand like Beyonce.

1. Build your Community! Bey knows that this is the secret sauce to building a sustainable Brand. She continuously pours into her community with content (music, branded products, and experiences), so that we always feel connected. She has an innate talent that allows her to give audience exactly what they want. In fact, she’s known to over-deliver. Stop worrying about the followers you don’t have and create a space where you can commit to over-delivering for the following you do have.

2. Provide VALUE up FRONT! DO you know why you ran like a crazy person to buy FORMATION WORLD TOUR tickets? Because you saw her KILL it during the Superbowl, she surprised the shit out of you with the most amazing visual album ever, Lemonade, and literally left you wanting more. She gave you just enough time to learn each song, and not before long, she was in your city, and you were screaming BOY BYE with your closest girlfriends, having the time of your life. She gave you an experience you’ll never forget. THEN she turns around and creates this high end Brand of activewear, Ivy Park. Do I need to continue? Stop pressing your audience to buy from you. She hasn’t even seen you perform yet, but you want her to buy tickets to your concert. What kind of value can you provide that is in alignment with your business model that will get your followers in formation to become clients?

3. HAVE A MISSION! Who runs the world?! Exactly. You and I both know that she’s made it known with every album, every performance, and any opportunity that at least one of her goals in life is to empower women. Through her music we’ve learned that we’re grown, yet flawless women, running the world, and we didn’t come to play. Because we slay. We’re female hustlers, or better stated, divas. We’re independent and we can do whatever we want and if he likes it, then he BETTER put a ring on it! I literally could go on, but you get my point. What do you stand for? What’s your purpose and how can you use it to serve others?

So since you didn’t come to play, how will you slay in 2017? What can you implement right now to make your Brand stand out?


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