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Here’s what my clients have said about me…

I say it often and I’ll say it again, Tanya is the MONETIZATION QUEEN! She has an incredible grasp on pricing, strategic business strategies for selling in an authentic way that is in line with your brand. If you have been discounting your services you need to be working with her like yesterday!

Speaking Coach, Erica

Working with Tanya Watkins has been a phenomenal experience. She helped me find my look and sound in this social media world.

After working with her, my social media is more fun, attractive, professional and most importantly has increased my VIEWS along with FOLLOWERS.

She definitely “got me right”!! #ladybossprenuers

Yahaira L., Non-Profit Business Owner, Autism Sprinter

Wow! I just finished a coaching call with Tanya Watkins.

I gave Tanya 3 areas where I’m struggling in having clarity. At the end of the call, I walked away with ideas, strategies and great aha moment.

Tanya is amazing in her clarity in pinpointing the root of one of my challenges. Totally shifted everything!

Absolutely wonderful value packed experience!

Definitely recommend connecting with Tanya if you require a branding/social media strategist.

Mindset Coach, Wendy Saw

I worked with Tanya Watkins during a program ran by her and two other amazing ladies.

I didn’t understand how important it was to have useful social media hacks under my belt that will help boost my visibility in the online community especially if you’re running an online business until I met Tanya!

Tanya gave me the map I needed to navigate my way through social media staying true to my brand but keeping the important strategies in place to get noticed.

She is amazing, I love her 💗

Jessie G., Confidence and Empowerment Coach, IAMJESS and Confident Chronicles





Beverly H., Inspiration Life & Empowerment Coach, Inspirational Lyfe Guru

Tanya is the definition of LadyBossPreneur.

She’s super smart and exudes a confidence– with the corporate business chops to back it up–that leaves me reflecting on how I can do better in my own business.

She’s warm, compassionate and quick to laugh which are qualities I look for when working with someone 1-on-1.

She was instrumental in the success of the first 7-day challenge that I hosted.

I wasn’t sure how to convey the value of my offer and didn’t know the best way to approach my pitch.

I took her advice and I filled my 8-week program!

If you want a little Beyonce and a whole lotta savvy branding and marketing strategy, she’s your woman.

Abundance Mindset Mentor, Simone Craig

Tanya’s expertise in all things marketing saved our butts in our last campaign. She straightened out our technical overwhelm and opened me up to a brand new world of possibilities.


If you get a chance to work with Tanya….Do It!

Mindset Coach, Jacqui B.

Tanya is THE GO TO Branding expert!

After just one call with Tanya I had tremendous breakthroughs with the direction of my brand as well as my business.

She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Social Media, running ads and marketing.

I would definitely recommend her for anyone that is serious about taking their business to the next level.

Makeover Mogul, Empowerment Coach , Erica Latrice

Tanya is a lady biz powerhouse!

She’s not afraid to step out into action, helping you to get things moving to MAKE it happen.

I think that comes from her confidence in driving the sales, and collaborating on ways to help you deliver to your audience with authority and confidence.

I’m always impressed with her lady boss skills from both a corporate and entrepreneurial standpoint-she finds the way between those two places to get you to where you want to be in your business.

Melissa A., Massage Therapist, Parenting Coach, Holistic Health and Wellness Pro, Merry Go Ground

Tanya Watkins knows branding! Since working with Tanya my business went from a dream to a REALITY.

Her social media/branding knowledge is bang on. Her encouragement is invaluable.

With Tanya’s support I started posting on Instagram daily. I quickly grew my following to over 200 followers from nothing with more following every day.

My goal was to sign one VIP client during our program and I ended up signing up FOUR ideal VIP clients. Suddenly I have daily requests to be my friend on Facebook, expanding my reach daily.

Thank you Tanya for all your encouragement and support.

Personal Empowerment Coach , Penny Norkett

I had the opportunity to work with Tanya in creating and developing my brand GirlsDo!

Tanya is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and assisted me with brainstorming ideas to bringing the vision into fruition.

She has knowledge and experience and most importantly patience.

Her services have really helped launch my business and assisted with me making strategic moves to gain visibility.

Tamika B., Owner, Girls DO!

I really enjoyed working with Tanya.

She really gets what female entrepreneurs need to get to the core of their personal brand.

I learned so much about myself and brand while working with her. Together, we created a strategic marketing plan and fine-tuned the service packages for my business.

This was a great investment and is paying off with more visibility and ideal clients!!

Barbara S., Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Forever Fit & Healthy

Tanya Watkins

Tanya Watkins

Branding, Marketing, and Monetization Strategist

Hey, girl, HEY! My mission is to activate the self esteem of women, helping them understand that they possess everything they need RIGHT now to create the life they deserve and desire.

All that’s missing is a boldly confident, client attractive Brand, a captivating marketing strategy, and sassy sales strategy! With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, it’s safe to say that this is not only a passion, but I’m pretty amazing at it, too. I should’ve known when I was 5 years old analyzing commercials, slogans, and ad campaigns that this would be my life. You can only imagine my mother’s frustration. “I don’t know, Tanya! Would you like me to call the corporate office at Downy and ask?” To which I replied, Yes– but only in my head.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, it’s because you’re wondering if we’re a good match! I can’t answer that for you. Only you know what your next steps need to be in order to scale up the way you need to. But I have to say, after what you read and watched, I don’t really know what else there is to say! However, if you have additional questions about products, services, or just want to say hey, message me HERE.

Looking forward to Blowing up your Brand with you,