Hey girl, HEY! So I’ve built a pretty solid business around helping women package their greatness. But what I’ve seen in the marketplace leads me to believe I need to elaborate on the steps it takes to do this successfully.

You see, sometimes we get so amped up thinking about all the products and services we can provide, knowing how much value we possess. We take so much time developing content to deliver, services to offer, with no collaboration from their target audience. YES! What better way to know exactly what will sell out than asking your consumer?! That’s why I developed a strategy called Listen & Launch, but that’s for another blog post!

For today, I want to leave you with this audio clip on the steps necessary to packaging your greatness with SUCCESS!

And if you don’t remember anything else, remember these steps:

  1. Share what you know
  2. Zoom out to see how she’s reacting to your content
  3. Recalibrate your message if necessary
  4. Ask her what MORE she needs to know about your zone of genius to have optimal results
  5. Offer the product or service AS she has decided she wants to consume it!

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Tanya Watkins is a Brand and Marketing Strategist, Speaker, and Author for passionate LadyBossPreneurs looking to activate their Massive Brands, package their greatness and monetize their hustle. Join the inner circle, Massive Brand Incubator to learn more, or message Tanya directly for questions.