New VIP Luxury Intensive Breakthrough Experience


New VIP Luxury Intensive Breakthrough Experience




This luxurious transformational experience was designed for professional women in business who want a global impact and have grown tired of waiting for the next-level success they crave


This game-changing program was designed for smart and savvy women entrepreneurs who want a global impact and want to are ready to rise above the noise to get there. 

This program is for the woman who knows she should be earning way more than $10-20K each month.

This program is for you.

You are ready to elevate your strategy and messaging to call in next level clients. 

And you know you’re destined for more. 

Because truthfully speaking, you have years of skin in the game. 

You have been able to successfully close sales and bring in new customers. 

But as you’ve been consistently growing your business you’ve realized that your growth is not as nearly as fast as it should be. 

And you understand that time is of the essence.

And after connecting with so many women online, here’s what I’ve found:

  •  The flow and ease with which you’ve built your business has been replaced with stagnation, boredom, and slight regression
  •  You’re making money but now you feel completely overworked and not embodying the freedom lifestyle you thought you had designed 
  • You’ve  grown tired of talking to the same type of client but fears that if you up-level your messaging, your sales will slow down
  • You’re excited and eager for mentorship but you’d rather work with a more mature and seasoned coach, with success in corporate, business and with proof of responsibility

And most importantly, you keep launching new programming, courses, and other offerings in hopes to feel excited and lit up about your business as you did you first started, and the spark isn’t quite there 

And if you’re still reading, I imagine you’re resonating with this! 

You are more than ready to provide deeper transformations, scale your revenue to have a bigger impact on your family and build other business ventures, and lastly, to finally live the freedom lifestyle you deserve. 

You’ve set the 250-500K income range as your next benchmark, and nothing is going to stop you. 

This is precisely why I’ve developed this VIP Coaching Intensive. 
In order for you to reach that next level, it’s time to do next-level things, with a view of course! 

It’s time to provide deeper transformations for your clients.

Because you’ve been mentored to provide 30-90 day coaching packages, you’ve had to speedily deliver your coaching and consulting inside of a container that just doesn’t allow you to dig deep enough. 

You’re off-boarding clients praying that they get the results their looking for. 

Up until this point. 

From now on, you’ll have the confidence to know your clients’ lives will be transformed because you’re going to learn how to build your packages in a better way that allows for the transformation you’ve promised.

Simplify your marketing and call on the women who are destined to work with you.

It’s time to ditch the heavy marketing tactics. 

You no longer have to subscribe to the notion that you need a long and drawn out funnel process to sign clients. 

You need to implement strategies that are going to have potential clients beelining to your calendar.

I’m sure it felt necessary to fall in line with what you’ve seen in the marketplace, but now it’s time to design a business model that truly showcases who you actually are

You’ve realized that authentic doesn’t actually mean throwing “AF” behind every sentence. You know your audience is craving more and you’re ready to show up in a way that feels good to you. 

Step into the Change Agent you were meant to be and not this glorified marketer you’ve become.

At this point, you’re dividing your time between client work and marketing. Most days more heavily on the marketing that you want to. 

And because you know you want to provide rich content for your audience and hold space for your clients in a deeper way, you already know you can’t sustain this. 

From this point forward, you business will never be the same, and you will be able to do deep work for yourself and your clients. 

Create the #CEOLife you actually desire and step into the lifestyle you’ve been journaling about. 

Let’s face it. You’re ready for more. 

To make your business feel light again. 

To create a deeper impact with your messaging. 

To no longer feel the weight of the competition around you.

To be the go-to influencer in your market. 

To scale beyond 100K-200K in annual sales and truly build a business that builds a legacy. 

This Luxury VIP Experience has been carefully crafted and designed to give you the transformation you desire. 

While it is HIGHLY recommended to choose the in-person option, you can choose the virtual option. It is strongly suggested that in doing so, you still getaway to up-level your environment to fully match the high-vibration of this luxury experience. 

This Luxury VIP Experience Includes:

Pre-Intensive Day:

Brand & Style Session
60 Minute Call for Planning & Preparation
On-boarding Packet

Bonus Welcome Packet sent to your home

This will allow you to step into your next level immediately! You’re going to prepare in a way that will maximize our time together. 

VIP Day:

2 Night Luxury Hotel Stay

On-Location Brand Photoshoot

Car service from the airport to selected location

Healthy & delicious 5 star meals

8 Hours of Intensive Sessions with breaks and meals in between

After these sessions, you will have everything you need to collapse time, scale faster, and comfortably & confidently hit your revenue goals.

Implementation Day:

5 Star Meals

Templates and a complete roadmap from the VIP session with exact steps on what needs to get done to start scaling faster

Unlimited Voxer Access to Tanya

Special celebration activity with Tanya in the evening
30 Minute Post Intensive Call for follow-up & additional coaching

*Not Included:

Travel Accommodations

This VIP Intensive is specially designed to collapse time and redesign your business model to be in alignment with the goals you have for your lifestyle and business. Your perspective, business and entire life will never be the same. 










Each VIP Session is custom-fit with the client in mind based on the pre-work you provide, however, the curriculum is based on the Massive Brand Method. Topics may include, but not limited to the following:

Master Your Money Mindset 

Becoming a vibrational match for the success you desire

G.R.O.W. daily practice

Boldly Confident Branding

Brand Pillars: Creating and consistently speaking to 5-7 main topics for message clarity, brand authority, and uniformity

Strategic Visibility: Dominating one platform to be able to syndicate on others, freeing up time to create with clarity not haste

Boldly Confident Moves: Leveraging OPP: Other people’s platforms (blogs, podcasts, news appearances) to strength position power

Packaging Your Greatness

Creating high end packages that keep you in your zone of genius

Creating containers for transformation (Intensives, redesigned coaching packages, retreats)

Create Massive Impact

Create duplicatable methodology that can drive fast results for clients

Create strong future based cause for your community to strive for

Monetize Your Genius

Strategically build value ladder to retain clients for 12+ months at a time and then move them into the next tier

Using BRANDed content daily to quickly move your audience to action

Leverage relationship marketing to sell faster and with low-tech

Create your #CEOLife

Designing and stepping into your ideal lifestyle

Scheduling time for deep work, mastery, and self care

Systemizing your business to scale and hire team members


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Tanya, High Ticket Monetization Coach, is also a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Course Creator, Podcast Host, and Advocate Against Domestic Violence. 

Tanya, who studied Marketing at Berkeley College, has over 17 years of corporate sales, leadership, and marketing experience and has generated well over $120+ million dollars in revenue for Fortune 250 businesses. 

Additionally, Tanya has received over $120,000 worth of training, coaching & mentorship and has over 30,000 HOURS of coaching to be able to teach you how to Activate your Massive Brand.

Tanya specifically works with women in business and select small business owners who are ready to scale to their next level, 250-500K in annual revenue.

Tanya’s expertise centers around professional and creative women in business helping them to create, market, and sell high ticket programming with the power of savvy marketing strategy, relationship selling, and client attractive branding.

If you are a fast action taker and would prefer to DM Tanya, click HERE to send her a DM today!